A sim upload request by meowmothdafucka! ᕙ( ^ₒ^ c)

Ayao was born and raised in Aurora Skies with her parents and seven other brothers and sisters. For the majority of her life she has been under the strict rule of her parents and under scrutiny often. She was often pushed forward by her parents to always look her best but never receive the praise she craved, but only heart-ache. Due to such an upbringing she has absolutely zero self confidence, she suffered from depression as a teenager when she was bullied about her large frame, since then she has completely changed but never recovered from the depression that haunts her.

Custom content used;

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Hair | Skin | Contacts | Ear Blush | Blush | Lipstick (N4) 

Eyeliner is by Heiret (Downloads unavailable)

Eyebrows by Heiret (Downloads unavailable)

Terms of use are no uploading to free sites or pay sites.

Download (.sim) (packaged with EA default skin to avoid skin glitch!)

Download (.sims3pack) (to avoid TOU violation Contacts not included)

Please enjoy!  (✿◠‿◠)

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